Sunday, 25 May 2014

Parts of Speech

Exercise No. 2
Identify the Common Nouns in the following sentences. 
(i) We arrived early at the station.
(ii) There are different species of fish.
(iii) The man was trying to steal his car.
(iv) They have gone to the zoo.
(v) The baby is crying. 
(vi) My mother is in the kitchen.
(vii) He threw some nuts to the monkeys.
(viii) The children are playing in the field. 
(ix) The temple was built before I was born.
(x) He has bought a new car.
(xi) My father likes to swim.
(xii) She won a trophy in a competition.
(xiii) I like to ride on a camel.
(xiv) Do birds eat meat? 
(xv) He went to visit his uncle.
(xvi) My brother wants to play with us.
(xvii) Le me have a look at your puppy.
(xviii) The taxi broke down. 
(xix) They boys are playing noisily. 
(xx) She is hanging out the clothes to dry. 
Answers: (i) station (ii) fish (iii) man, car (iv) zoo (v) baby (vi) mother, kitchen (vii) nuts, monkeys (viii) children, field (ix) temple (x) car (xi) father (xii) trophy (xiii) camel (xiv) birds, meat (xv) uncle (xvi) brother (xvii) puppy (xviii) taxi (xix) boys (xx) clothes) 

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