Tuesday, 3 June 2014


English Grammar
A noun is a naming word. It is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea.
  • man, cousin, soldier, scientist, Elizabeth (names for people
  • rat, zebra, lion, dog, elephant (names for animals
  • house, factory, shelter, town, London (names for places)
  • table, mirror, vase, computer, the Holy Quran (names for objects
  • iron, gold, water, ice, nitrogen (names for substances
  • honesty, beauty, wealth, faith, kindness (names for qualities
  • swimming, dancing, cooking, reading, listening (names for actions
  • month, inch, day, pound, ounce (names for measures
Identify the nouns in the following sentences. 
(i) Sarah is a very good dancer.
(ii) Children are swimming in the pool.
(iii) Monkeys swing in trees.
(iv) Butterflies fly in the air.
(v) The rose is the loveliest of all flowers.
(vi) My toothbrush is on the sink.
(vii) I recite the Holy Quran daily.
(viii) Honesty is the best policy.
(ix) Gold is a precious metal.
(x) Swimming is a good exercise.
(i) Sarah, dancer (ii) Children, pool (iii) Monkeys, trees (iv) Butterflies, air (v) rose, flowers (vi) toothbrush, sink (vii) Holy Quran (viii) Honesty, policy (ix) Gold, metal (x) Swimming, exercise

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